A' D I S T R A C T I O N .  is an exclusive yoga couture & lifestyle brand. Sensual, elegant, feminine and minimalistic versatile designs for your yoga, life and other distractions.. We work with selected materials and textiles such as silk and cashmere..  We've made them by hand, with love on an island in the turquoise Mediterranean Sea. 
A´DISTRACTION. also organise boutique style yoga retreats and pop ups a few times per year..

Anna, the creative director and founder of A´DISTRACTION.

 A´DISTRACTION. is my passion project, and really a result after many years spending time in hotels, airports, jetsetting around the world, always ready for a new change or challenge. I have created a collection of clothes and accessories that suits a modern womans versatile life and needs. You can definitely sense my Scandinavian heritage with the monochrome colours, subtile cuts and lines, mixed with, and of course influenced by the Mediterranean island life.. Luxury materials, yet practical and comfortable. I would like to offer my customers a 100% quality concept and experience. Silk, Cashmere, goldplated zippers, calf leather, handprinted gold foil clichés. It is all in the details, from the graphic design in the logo, to the packaging and the giftcards.. For me and my customers to be surrounded by beauty and comfort.
As you understand, I have always had a quite hectic and energetic lifestyle with lots of travels and changes.. Yoga helps me to balance it all, and it is actually during my yoga practice that I feel the most creative and get the most of my ideas. When it comes to fashion and design, I have really created a collection that is built upon my own needs after many years travelling the world for work and pleasure.. I like to feel beautiful, feminine, cool, and elegant and at the same time feel comfortable, and I wish the same for my customers. Lightweight luxury materials as silk and cashmere, and babyalpaca. Versatile clothes and accessories that works both in the yoga studio, in a professional job meeting, or while sipping champagne or a juice on a spontaneous weekend trip to Paris, New York or Ibiza..  

A´DISTRACTION. is a lifestyle brand and I hope to be able to inspire others to live their dream and to find the balance between work, yoga, love, life and other distractions.
Apart from the online web shop, you´ll find the whole collection in a few selected boutique hotels, along with handpicked yoga studios and design stores, and on exclusive yoga retreats and pop-ups.